3 Acmella polita Von Moellendorff, 1887. 3A Frontal view, shell 2.3 mm high 3B Umbilical view (Malaysia, Sabah, Sandakan Province, Segama valley, North end of limestone ridge on East bank Tabin River, V 7762). 4 Acmella ovoidea sp. n. 4A Frontal view, shell 1.2 mm high 4B Same shell, umbilical view 4C Frontal view, shell 1.15 mm high 4D Frontal view, shell 1.35 mm high (4A, 4B Malaysia, Sabah, Interior Province, Pinangah valley, Batu Urun (= Bukit Sinobang), RMNH.5003949, holotype; 4C, 4D Malaysia, Sabah, Interior Province, Sepulut valley, Batu Temurung, V 8019) 5 Acmella nana sp. n. 5A Frontal view, shell 0.7 mm high 5B Same shell, umbilical view (Malaysia, Sarawak, 4th Division, Niah Caves, South side of limestone area, West side of quarry, soil-filled crevice opened in quarry, RMNH.5003950, holotype).

  Part of: Vermeulen JJ, Liew TS, Schilthuizen M (2015) Additions to the knowledge of the land snails of Sabah (Malaysia, Borneo), including 48 new species. ZooKeys 531: 1-139. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.531.6097