Dorsal and ventral view of some Paratypes of Amazophrynella javierbustamantei sp. n. Adult males (MHNC 8245: SVL 13.6 mm; MHNSM 31255: SVL 15.9 mm; MHNSM: 17993 SVL 14.2 mm; Adult females (MHNC 11002: SVL 17.2 mm, MHNC 9739: SVL 21.5, MHNC 8362: SVL 18.0 mm).

  Part of: Rojas RR, Chaparro JC, De Carvalho VT, Ávila RW, Farias IP, Hrbek T, Gordo M (2016) Uncovering the diversity in the Amazophrynella minuta complex: integrative taxonomy reveals a new species of Amazophrynella (Anura, Bufonidae) from southern Peru. ZooKeys 563: 43-71.