Adults of the Thereus oppia species group. Male (left, dorsal wing surface on left) and female (right). 1 T. orasus ♂ Panama, ♀ Mexico (holotype of Thecla echinita Schaus) 2 T. lomalarga ♂ Colombia (holotype), ♀ Colombia (paratype) 3 T. oppia ♂ Nicaragua, ♀ Nicaragua 4 T. brocki ♂ Ecuador (holotype), ♀ Ecuador (paratype). Scale bars: 1.0 cm.

  Part of: Robbins RK, Heredia AD, Busby RC (2015) Male secondary sexual structures and the systematics of the Thereus oppia species group (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae, Eumaeini). ZooKeys 520: 109-130.