Mollitrichosiphum tumorisiphum Qiao & Jiang, sp. n. Apterous viviparous female: 13 dorsal view of body 14 dorsal view of head 15 compound eyes 16 antennal segments I–IV 17 antennal segments V–VI 18 ultimate rostral segment 19 mesosternal furca 20 hind tibia, tarsi and claws 21 dorsal seta on abdominal tergite I 22 spinules on venter of abdominal segment V 23 siphunculus 24 cauda; 25 anal plate 26 genital plate. Scale bars = 0.10 mm.

  Part of: Jiang L-Y, Chen J, Qiao G-X (2015) A new species of Mollitrichosiphum Suenaga from Taiwan Island (Hemiptera, Aphididae), based on morphological characteristics and DNA sequences. ZooKeys 524: 45-63.