Mollitrichosiphum tumorisiphum Qiao & Jiang, sp. n. Apterous viviparous female: 1 dorsal view of head 2 antenna 3 ultimate rostral segment 4 mesosternal furca 5 hind tibia 6 dorsal seta on abdominal tergite I 7 spinules on venter of abdominal segment V 8 siphunculus 9 cauda 10 anal plate 11 genital plate. Alate viviparous female: 12. antennal segment III. Scale bars = 0.10 mm.

  Part of: Jiang L-Y, Chen J, Qiao G-X (2015) A new species of Mollitrichosiphum Suenaga from Taiwan Island (Hemiptera, Aphididae), based on morphological characteristics and DNA sequences. ZooKeys 524: 45-63.