Female reproductive tract structures, Mecyclothorax aeneipennis. A Female internal genitalia with associated gonocoxae, ventral view: bc, bursa copulatrix; co, common oviduct; gc, gonocoxa; sg, spermathecal gland; sp, spermatheca B Left gonocoxa, ventral view: afs, apical fringe setae; ans, apical nematiform setae; des, dorsal ensiform seta of apical gonocoxite; gc1, basal gonocoxite 1 of gonocoxa; gc2, apical gonocoxite 2 of gonocoxa; les, lateral ensiform setae of gonocoxite 2; r, ramus, a membranous or sclerotized lobe associated medially with base of gonocoxa (in this species, apical margin of ramus is narrowly sclerotized).

  Part of: Liebherr JK (2015) The Mecyclothorax beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Moriomorphini) of Haleakala-, Maui: Keystone of a hyperdiverse Hawaiian radiation. ZooKeys 544: 1-407. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.544.6074