Maximum likelihood tree of sequenced Carebara specimens reconstructed with ExaML v3.0.14. Most nodes are supported with more than 0.95% of bootstraps (represented by open circles) except for five, which have between 0.5 and 0.95% support (black circles). The tree shows the division between C. phragmotica sp. n. specimens with ten antennal segments (previous IDs: [*] C. elmenteitae, [**] C. thoracica) and all other sampled specimens, including C. thoracica with nine antennal segments, which are closer related to 9-segmented C. alluaudi.

  Part of: Fischer G, Azorsa F, Hita Garcia F, Mikheyev AS, Economo EP (2015) Two new phragmotic ant species from Africa: morphology and next-generation sequencing solve a caste association problem in the genus Carebara Westwood. ZooKeys 525: 77-105.