Prey items identified from stomach contents of P. cleofasensis A Pycnoselus surinamensis B crickets of the family Rhaphidophoridae C beetles of the genus Telabis D Centruroides elegans insularis E Euphoria germinata F and G beetles of the family Elateridae H spider of the family Caponiidae I some individuals of lepidopterans.

  Part of: Ramírez-Reyes T, Barraza-Soltero IK, Nolasco-Luna JR, Flores-Villela O, Escobedo-Galván AH (2021) A new species of leaf-toed gecko (Phyllodactylidae, Phyllodactylus) from María Cleofas Island, Nayarit, Mexico. ZooKeys 1024: 117-136.