Dendrogram for NC-clustering scores with AU/BP values (%), classification of objects based on recursive partitioning with mesosomal profile of four species of hafahafa species-group is mapped on distributional map of Madagascar. Abbreviations: AU = approximately unbiased P-value, BP = bootstrap probabilities before statistical adjustments. Rectangles show the final species hypothesis. Color codes: Nesomyrmex capricornis sp. n. (yellow), N. hafahafa sp. n. (red), N. medusus sp. n. (blue), N. spinosus sp. n. (green).

  Part of: Csősz S, Fisher BL (2015) Diagnostic survey of Malagasy Nesomyrmex species-groups and revision of hafahafa group species via morphology based cluster delimitation protocol. ZooKeys 526: 19-59.