Typical wing patterns in morphotypes from the Mesoamerican and Pacific dominions. Mexican morphotype: 26 Mexico-Apazapan 27 Guatemala-City 28 Panama-La Campana. Venezuelan morphotype: 29 Venezuela-Corrales. Andean morphotype: 30 Venezuela-Loma Mitimbis 31 Colombia-Barbosa. Peruvian morphotype: 32 Ecuador-Agroficial 33 Peru-La Molina. Ecuadorian morphotype: 34 Ecuador-Chota 35 Peru-Echarate. Brazilian lineage: 36 Peru-Valle Sagrado, 37 Argentina-Tucuman.

  Part of: Hernández-Ortiz V, Canal NA, Tigrero Salas JO, Ruíz-Hurtado FM, Dzul-Cauich JF (2015) Taxonomy and phenotypic relationships of the Anastrepha fraterculus complex in the Mesoamerican and Pacific Neotropical dominions (Diptera, Tephritidae). In: De Meyer M, Clarke AR, Vera MT, Hendrichs J (Eds) Resolution of Cryptic Species Complexes of Tephritid Pests to Enhance SIT Application and Facilitate International Trade. ZooKeys 540: 95-124. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.540.6027