Distribution of specimens of Abraliopsis affinis (Pfeffer, 1912), A. falco Young, 1972, Pterygioteuthis gemmata Chun, 1908; P. giardi, P. Fischer, 1896, and P. hoylei Pfeffer, 1912 collected during the TALUD cruises off the Pacific coast of Mexico.

  Part of: Hendrickx ME, Urbano B, Zamorano P (2015) Distribution of pelagic squids Abraliopsis Joubin, 1896 (Enoploteuthidae) and Pterygioteuthis P. Fischer, 1896 (Pyroteuthidae) (Cephalopoda, Decapodiformes, Oegopsida) in the Mexican Pacific. ZooKeys 537: 51-64. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.537.6023