Calodia quadrimacula sp. nov. 14 adult, dorsal view 15 adult, lateral view 16 face 17 male pygofer side, lateral view 18 connective, dorsal view 19 male subgential plate, ventral view 20 style, dorsal view (Yunnan) 21 style, dorsal view (Guizhou) 22 aedeagus and dorsal connective, dorsal view 23 aedeagus and dorsal connective, lateral view. Scale bars: 1 mm (14–16); 0.5 mm (17–23).

  Part of: Wang X-Y, Li Z-Z, Dai R-h (2021) Two new species of the leafhopper genus Calodia Nielson (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae, Coelidiinae) from China, with a checklist and key to Chinese species. ZooKeys 1023: 49-60.