Phylogeny of the Ptychadena neumanni species complex A bayesian phylogenetic inference based on the concatenated sequences of the mitochondrial loci 12S and 16S rRNA as well as the protein-coding gene COX1. Black circles represent nodes with a posterior support of 1. Type specimens are indicated in bold B maximum Likelihood estimate (ML) of phylogenetic relationships in the Ptychadena neumanni species complex, inferred from a concatenated SNP dataset obtained using ddRAD sequencing. Black circles represent nodes with > 95% bootstrap support. Inset images represent members of each species: frogs are illustrated to the same scale. Modified from Reyes-Velasco et al. 2018.

  Part of: Goutte S, Reyes-Velasco J, Freilich X, Kassie A, Boissinot S (2021) Taxonomic revision of grass frogs (Ptychadenidae, Ptychadena) endemic to the Ethiopian highlands. ZooKeys 1016: 77-141.