Phylogenetic tree resulting from the Maximum Likelihood analysis of cytochrome-b sequences of species of Myotis. Nodal support was calculated by bootstrap and black solid circles are values between 100–95% and hollow white circle are values between 94–90%. Values less than 90% were not indicated. The rectangle encloses the phylogenetic relationship, where branches were transformed to cladogram, among M. nesopolus, M. larensis, Caribbean Myotis (colored terminals) and mainland haplogroups of five more closely related species and candidate species.

  Part of: Novaes RLM, Cláudio VC, Larsen RJ, Wilson DE, Weksler M, Moratelli R (2021) The taxonomic status of Myotis nesopolus larensis (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) and new insights on the diversity of Caribbean Myotis. ZooKeys 1015: 145-167.