Mesosoma and waist segments of Chinese A. ceylonicus group species in profile. A A. thailandianus B A. lifuiae C A. hoelldobleri sp. n. (CASENT0914932) D A. wudangshanensis (CASENT0914927) E A. formosensis F A. fuchuanensis G A. maneerati. Scale bars – 0.5 mm. Images C and D are from (photographer: Michele Esposito). All other images are from Jaitrong and Yamane (2013).

  Part of: Staab M (2015) Aenictus hoelldobleri sp. n., a new species of the Aenictus ceylonicus group (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) from China, with a key to the Chinese members of the group. ZooKeys 516: 137-155.