Opimaphora blattereri Albano, Bakker & Sabelli, sp. nov., dive site “Islands”, Dahab, Sinai, Egypt A–J holotype, NHMW-MO-113283: front (A, B), side (C, D) and back (E) views, nucleus (F), protoconch (G, H) and peristome (I, J) K–M paratype 1, LIEV 2019/70/2: front (K), side (L) and back (M) views. Scale bars: 0.5 mm (A–E, K–M), 0.1 mm (F); 0.2 mm (G, H); 0.3 mm (I, J).

  Part of: Albano PG, Steger J, Bakker PAJ, Bogi C, Bošnjak M, Guy-Haim T, Huseyinoglu MF, LaFollette PI, Lubinevsky H, Mulas M, Stockinger M, Azzarone M, Sabelli B (2021) Numerous new records of tropical non-indigenous species in the Eastern Mediterranean highlight the challenges of their recognition and identification. ZooKeys 1010: 1-95. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.1010.58759