Isognomon aff. australica (Reeve, 1858) (sensu Angelidis and Polyzoulis 2018) A, B, D, E Esentepe, Cyprus (sample NCY3H): left valve outer (A) and inner (B) views, right valve inner (D) and outer (E) views C, F Plakias, Crete (sample Rh.05_4M): left (C) and right (F) valve outer views. Scale bars: 2 mm.

  Part of: Albano PG, Steger J, Bakker PAJ, Bogi C, BoĆĄnjak M, Guy-Haim T, Huseyinoglu MF, LaFollette PI, Lubinevsky H, Mulas M, Stockinger M, Azzarone M, Sabelli B (2021) Numerous new records of tropical non-indigenous species in the Eastern Mediterranean highlight the challenges of their recognition and identification. ZooKeys 1010: 1-95.