Comparison between Musculus coenobitus (Vaillant, 1865) and Musculus subpictus (Cantraine, 1835) A–F Musculus coenobitus, west of Rosh HaNikra Islands, Israel, HELM project (sample S52_2L): right valve outer (A, D) and inner (B) views, living specimen with byssus (C), sculpture of the posterior (E) and anterior (F) area of the right valve G–K Musculus subpictus, Ashqelon, Israel, HELM project (sample S12_1L): right valve outer (G, I) and inner (H) views, sculpture of the posterior (J) and anterior (K) area. Scale bars: 1 mm (A, B, D, G–I), 2.5 mm (C); 0.5 mm (E, F, J, K).

  Part of: Albano PG, Steger J, Bakker PAJ, Bogi C, Bošnjak M, Guy-Haim T, Huseyinoglu MF, LaFollette PI, Lubinevsky H, Mulas M, Stockinger M, Azzarone M, Sabelli B (2021) Numerous new records of tropical non-indigenous species in the Eastern Mediterranean highlight the challenges of their recognition and identification. ZooKeys 1010: 1-95.