Ptychoptera helena, paratype male (ZFMK) a habitus male b head and thorax dorsal c right wing d epandrium, dorsal e subapical lobe of epandrium, ventral f gonocoxite and gonostylus complex, dorsal g gonostylus anterior and medial lobules, caudal h hypandrium, caudal i paramere, ventral j aedeagal complex, dorsal.

  Part of: Keresztes L, Kappert J, Henning M, Török E (2021) Helen’s twins in the Balkans: discovery of two new Paraptychoptera Tonnoir, 1919 species closely related to P. helena Peus, 1958, with systematic revision of the “lacustris” group (Diptera, Ptychopteridae). ZooKeys 1071: 63-81.