Fainia kagerana Lehrer, 2007a nom. nud. (SMNHTAU (TAUI) 318988) and Fainia sambura Lehrer, 2008 holotype (SMNHTAU (TAUI) 318990), male terminalia A–E F. kagerana A, B epandrial complex in dorsal (A) and lateral (B) view C sternite 5 in ventral view and D, E phallus in lateral (D) and ventral (E) view F–J F. sambura F–H epandrial complex in dorsal view (F), details of surstylus, showing serrations along distal margin (G) and lateral view (H) and details in I sternite 5 in ventral view J phallus view. Scale bars: 0.2 mm.

  Part of: Thomas-Cabianca A, Martínez-Sánchez A, Villet MH, Rojo S (2021) Revision of the Afrotropical genus Fainia Zumpt, 1958, with notes on the morphology of Rhiniidae subfamilies (Diptera, Oestroidea). ZooKeys 1033: 127-157. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.1033.58539