Labiobaetis, character states of selected characters a–e setae of the submarginal arc on the dorsal surface of the labrum: a simple b feathered c clavate d dendritic e lanceolate f–h distolateral process at scape of antenna: f absent g poorly developed h well developed i–m labial palp, distomedial protuberance of segment II: i thumb-like j broad thumb-like k slender thumb-like l hook-like m small thumb-like n–p distolateral excavation at maxillary palp segment II: n well developed o poorly developed p absent q–t hypopharynx, medial tuft of stout setae: q well developed, long r well developed, average length s well developed, short t poorly developed u–x hind protoptera: u absent v minute w small x well developed y, z paraproct: y distally not expanded z distally expanded.

  Part of: Kaltenbach T, Garces J, Gattolliat J-L (2020) The success story of Labiobaetis Novikova & Kluge in the Philippines (Ephemeroptera, Baetidae), with description of 18 new species. ZooKeys 1002: 1-114.