†Camelosphecia venator sp. nov. holotype (NIGP163574) A, D right and left profile view of body, respectively B, C right and left profile view of head, respectively E left mesosoma zooming. Abbreviations: ce, compound eye; cl, clypeus; md, mandible; mm, masticatory margins; oc, ocelli; occ, occipital carina; A2–A3; abdominal segments 2 and 3; mscx, mesocoxa; mspl, mesopleural area of mesopectus; mssctm, mesoscutum; mtcx, metacoxa; mtpl, metapleural area of mesopectus; oms, oblique mesopleural sulcus; pr, prora; prcx, procoxa; prnt, pronotum; prop, propodeum. Note that indication of clypeus in C is exactly at its margin as seen in profile, which is concave, and should not be confused with convex right compound eye margin, also indicated. Clypeal concave shape is better evidenced in figure B. Also in C, mm indicated is from the right mandible, while mandible indicated is that of the left side. Scale bars:1 mm (A, D); 0.2 mm (B, C, E).

  Part of: Boudinot BE, Perrichot V, Chaul JCM (2020) † Camelosphecia gen. nov., lost ant-wasp intermediates from the mid-Cretaceous (Hymenoptera, Formicoidea). ZooKeys 1005: 21-55. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.1005.57629