A–C †Camelosphecia spp. females examined by images. Specimens in A (BALBuTJ_36) and C (BALBuTJ_40) are likely conspecifics to †C. fossor. Specimen in B (BALBuTJ_38) is probably another species in the genus, not described in here (images by Phil Barden, used with permission) D, E are generalized schemes of †Camelosphecia habitus and forewing, respectively, as interpreted from all specimens examined. Metathoracic sclerites in A–C are indicated with green dots. In D, pedicel and flagellomeres are omitted for simplification. Abbreviations as in Figure 14, except for prstA4, presternite of A4; prpl, propleuron; tbsp, tibial spurs; stA4, sternite of A4; stng, sting. Wing venation abbreviations: C, costal vein; Sc, subcostal vein; R, radial vein; Rs, radial sector vein; M, medial vein; Cu, cubital vein, A, anal vein; +, indicates composite vein; f#, indicates free abscissa index; 2r-rs, second radiosectoral crossvein; 2rs-m, second sectoriomedial crossvein; 1m-cu, first mediocubital crossvein; 1cu-a, first cubitoanal crossvein; R (bc), radial or “basal” cell; 1+2R (smc1), undifferentiated first and second distal radial cells or “first submarginal cell”; 3R (mc1), third distal radial or “first marginal” cell; 1Rs (smc2), first sectorial or “second submarginal” cell; 1M (dc1), first medial or “discal” cell; 1Cu (sbc), first cubital or “subbasal” cell; 2Cu (sdc1), second cubital or “first subdiscal” cell.

  Part of: Boudinot BE, Perrichot V, Chaul JCM (2020) † Camelosphecia gen. nov., lost ant-wasp intermediates from the mid-Cretaceous (Hymenoptera, Formicoidea). ZooKeys 1005: 21-55. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.1005.57629