Adult male and pupae. Chironomus striatipennis, Indian population. A Wing D Hypopygium, dorsal view G Anal spur, dorsal view. Chironomus kiiensis, Japanese population B Wing E Hypopygium, dorsal view H Anal spur, dorsal view. Chironomus striatipennis, Brazilian population C Wing F Hypopygium, dorsal view I Anal spur, dorsal view. Scale bar: 500 µm (A, B, C, G, H, I); 200 µm (D, E, F).

  Part of: Amora G, Hamada N, Fusari LM, Andrade-Souza V (2015) An Asiatic Chironomid in Brazil: morphology, DNA barcode and bionomics. ZooKeys 514: 129-144.