Plots of multivariate individual scores in the first two discriminant functions (DF1, DF2). Samples: Lonchophylla dekeyseri (Goiás [black diamonds, N = 12]; Mato Grosso do Sul [black squares, N = 2]; Distrito Federal [black triangles, N = 2]), L. inexpectata (Barra, Bahia [crosses, N = 3]; Exu, Pernambuco [stars, N = 31]), and L. mordax (Itabaiana, Sergipe [white triangles, N = 8]; Grota do Angico, Sergipe [white inverted triangles, N = 12]). Centroid groups are marked with grey asterisks.

  Part of: Moratelli R, Dias D (2015) A new species of nectar-feeding bat, genus Lonchophylla, from the Caatinga of Brazil (Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae). ZooKeys 514: 73-91.