Scatterplot of relative femoral gland length (FGL/SVL ratio) and the relative distance between the inner edges of the femoral glands (FGD/SVL) in the two new species from Mayotte and their sister taxon Blommersia wittei from Madagascar. Measurements are based on Table 1; and for B. wittei on Vences et al. (2010) and Pabijan et al. (2011). Note the intermediate position of B. wittei between B. transmarina and B. nataliae sp. nov.

  Part of: Vieites DR, Nieto-Román S, Peso Fernández M, Santos-Santos JH (2020) Hidden in plain sight: a new frog species of the genus Blommersia from the oceanic island of Mayotte, Comoros archipelago. ZooKeys 994: 149-166.