Dettopsomyia camelonota Wang, Li & Gao, sp. nov. (A–I #01607, J–L paratype #01608) A left lateral habitus B head and thorax (dorsal view) C wing (right, dorsal view) D abdomen (lateral view) E abdomen (dorsal view) F periphallic organs (posterolateral view) G surstylus H phallic organs (ventral view) I phallic organs (dorsolateral view) J oviscapt (lateral view) K oviscapt (ventral view) L spermatheca. Scale bars: 1.0 mm (photograph) or 0.1 mm (line drawing).

  Part of: Wang Y-L, Li Q, Toda MJ, Gao J-J (2021) The genus Dettopsomyia Lamb, 1914 (Diptera, Drosophilidae) from southern China. ZooKeys 1056: 73-94.