Maximum Likelihood (ML) tree of concatenated COI and 16S rDNA haplotypes of Monacha pantanellii (see Table 4). New COI and 16S rDNA sequences of M. pantanellii (Table 1) were compared with COI and 16S rDNA sequences of M. cantiana s. l. and M. parumcincta obtained from GenBank (Tables 2, 4). Numbers next to branches indicate bootstrap support above 50% calculated on 1000 replicates (Felsenstein 1985). The tree was rooted with M. cartusiana concatenated sequences obtained from GenBank (Table 2).

  Part of: PieĊ„kowska JR, Manganelli G, Giusti F, Barbato D, Kosicka E, Hallgass A, Lesicki A (2020) Redescription of Monacha pantanellii (De Stefani, 1879), a species endemic to the central Apennines, Italy (Gastropoda, Eupulmonata, Hygromiidae) by an integrative molecular and morphological approach. ZooKeys 988: 17-61.