Genitalia (proximal parts excluded) (49), internal structure of distal genitalia (50), transverse sections of medial epiphallus (51) and apical penial papilla (52) of Monacha pantanellii from Valle dell’Aniene, Roccagiovine [Ani] (FGC 42974).

  Part of: Pieńkowska JR, Manganelli G, Giusti F, Barbato D, Kosicka E, Hallgass A, Lesicki A (2020) Redescription of Monacha pantanellii (De Stefani, 1879), a species endemic to the central Apennines, Italy (Gastropoda, Eupulmonata, Hygromiidae) by an integrative molecular and morphological approach. ZooKeys 988: 17-61.