Nanophyllium females and their collection data which likely represent the unknown female Nanophyllium rentzi, Nanophyllium hasenpuschi, Nanophyllium pygmaeum, Nanophyllium adisi, or possibly undescribed species, scaled to relative size A Eastern Highlands District LJBrass, Coll., Sixth Archbold Exped. To Papua New Guinea, No. 7, Kotuni, south slopes Mt. Otto, 2200m. Aug.4–20.1959, AMNH B Papua New Guinea, Central Province, Along Hiritano HWY., E. of Vanama River Crossing: June 1989, Coll RC 16-224 C Papua New Guinea, Central, 20 km SE Port Moresby, I.1985, NHMUK 012497230 D Daru, Papua (New Guinea) Mouth of Fly R., VII-1941, Collector RG Wind, CAS E New Guinea, West Irian, Kobakma, North Slope of Central Range N. of Baliem Valley 3500’ October 1971, Robert Mitton Coll, CAS F Indonesia, West Papua, Mapia, May 1999, Coll SLT.

  Part of: Cumming RT, Le Tirant S, Teemsma SN, Hennemann FH, Willemse L, Büscher TH (2020) Lost lovers linked at long last: elusive female Nanophyllium mystery solved after a century of being placed in a different genus (Phasmatodea, Phylliidae). ZooKeys 969: 43-84.