Skeleton of Paraliparis flammeus sp. nov. A, B C&S specimens, FAKU 147158, paratypes A dorsal view of cranium of 68.2 mm SL specimen B lateral view of head of 61.2 mm SL specimen C CT-scanned holotype, MSM-20-52, holotype, 78.5 mm SL. Abbreviations: Epoc, epiotic; Exoc, exoccipital; Fr, frontal; Iop, interopercle; LE, lateral ethmoid; Op, opercle; Sop, subopercle; Pte, pterotic; Ptem, posttemporal; Soc, supraoccipital; Shp, sphenotic; Vo, vomer. Scale bars: 5 mm (A, B).

  Part of: Kai Y, Murasaki K, Misawa R, Fukui A, Morikawa E, Narimatsu Y (2020) A new species of snailfish of the genus Paraliparis (Liparidae) from the western North Pacific, with a redescription of the poorly known species Paraliparis mandibularis. ZooKeys 968: 143-159.