Morphology of Omicrogiton Orchymont, 1919 and Peratogonus Sharp, 1884 7 Dorsal habitus of O. insularis Orchymont, 1919 8–11 Habitus of P. reversus Sharp, 1884 (8 syntype from Japan, dorsal view 9 specimen from China, dorsal view 10 specimen from China, lateral view 11 syntype from Japan, ventral view) 12–13 Comparison of metaventral punctation of Peratogonus (12 P. reversus 13 P. grandis Bameul, 1994).

  Part of: Jia F, Lin R, Li B, Fikácek M (2015) A review of the omicrine genera Omicrogiton, Mircogioton and Peratogonus of China (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae, Sphaeridiinae). ZooKeys 511: 99-116.