Agononida prolixa (Alcock, 1894), male (CL 16.3 mm) (DABFUK/AR-AN-118). A Carapace and pleonal tergites 2–4, dorsal B sternal plastron C cephalic region, showing left antennular and antennal peduncles, ventral D right Mxp3, lateral E right P1, merus and carpus, lateral F right P1, propodus and dactylus, lateral G right P2, merus, lateral H right P3, merus, lateral I right P4, merus, lateral J right P2, carpus to dactylus, lateral K right P3, carpus to dactylus, lateral L right P4, carpus to dactylus, lateral M right P2, dactylus, lateral. Scale bars: 4.0 mm (A, B, E–L); 2.0 mm (C, D, M).

  Part of: Macpherson E, Chan T-Y, Kumar AB, Rodríguez-Flores PC (2020) On some squat lobsters from India (Decapoda, Anomura, Munididae), with description of a new species of Paramunida Baba, 1988. ZooKeys 965: 17-36.