Megadenus smithi sp. nov. A holotype female in apertural and posterior views (ECOSUR-0234) SL = 6.5 mm × 4.0 mm wide B paratype male in apertural and lateral view, showing the tentacles SL = 4.0 mm. × 3.5 mm wide C pedal gland view D distal open proboscis view. Scale bars: 1.2 mm (A); 1.0 mm (B); 0.6 mm (C); 0.5 mm (D).

  Part of: González-Vallejo NE, Amador-Carrillo S (2021) Assessment of Megadenus holothuricola Rosén, 1910 (Eulimidae), an endoparasite of Holothuria mexicana Ludwig, 1875 (Holothuriidae) in the southern Gulf of Mexico and the description a new species. ZooKeys 1016: 49-61.