A Bayesian phylogeny of Madagascar Anelosimus and worldwide relatives. Terminal taxa are replaced by species names, full results including all taxon details are found in Suppl. material 1. Black stars indicate 100 posterior probability support, gray stars 85–99%. The replicated sister relationship between Madagascan and American clades is highlighted in blue and red, with the total distribution of each lineage indicated on the maps in lower left. Dots on right map indicate collection localities for the current study. Spider photograph is of the European Anelosimus vittatus, adapted from a photo by Glenn Halvor Morka.

  Part of: Agnarsson I, Jencik B, Veve G, Hanitriniaina S, Agostini D, Goh S, Pruitt J, Kuntner M (2015) Systematics of the Madagascar Anelosimus spiders: remarkable local richness and endemism, and dual colonization from the Americas. ZooKeys 509: 13-52. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.509.8897