Tonkinomeris huzhengkuni sp. nov., ♀ paratype. A Gnathochilarium, ventral view, in situ B, C left mandible, mesal and subfrontal views, respectively D coxae 2 with vulvae. Abbreviations: ca: cardines of gnathochilarium, et: external tooth, gu: gula, iA: intermediate area, ip: inner palpus, it: inner tooth, ll: lamellae linguales, lp: lateral palpus, m: mentum, md: basal joint of mandible, mf: membranous fringe, mg: molar groove, mp: molar plate, pl: pectinate lamellae, st: stipites, vu: vulvae.

  Part of: Liu W, Golovatch S (2020) The first representatives of the millipede family Glomeridellidae (Diplopoda, Glomerida) recorded from China and Indochina. ZooKeys 954: 1-15.