Hypopygia of Norwegian Gymnometriocnemus. A Gymnometriocnemus (G.) marionensis (Finnmark06) B Gymnometriocnemus (G.) pallidus sp. n. (CH-eik131) C Gymnometriocnemus (G.) subnudus (ATNA398) D Gymnometriocnemus (R.) autumnalis sp. n. (Finnmark201) E Gymnometriocnemus (R.) brumalis (Finnmark75) F Gymnometriocnemus (R.) kamimegavirgus (Finnmark76). Scale bar = 50 ┬Ám. Specimen codes in parenthesis correspond to codes in BOLD and in figure 6.

  Part of: Stur E, Ekrem T (2015) A review of Norwegian Gymnometriocnemus (Diptera, Chironomidae) including the description of two new species and a new name for Gymnometriocnemus volitans (Goetghebuer) sensu Brundin. ZooKeys 508: 127-142. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.508.9874