Mycetophila ichneumonea Say, 1823, a typical member of the M. ruficollis group. 1 male habitus 2 head with maxillary palpi, closer view 3 male terminalia, closer view. Scale bar = 1 mm (1), 0.5 mm (2) and 0.2 mm (3). Abbreviations: plp = segments of maxillary palpus; gc = gonocoxite; gst d = dorsal branch of gonostylus; gst v = ventral branch of gonostylus.

  Part of: Jürgenstein S, Kurina O, Põldmaa K (2015)) The Mycetophila ruficollis Meigen (Diptera, Mycetophilidae) group in Europe: elucidating species delimitation with COI and ITS2 sequence data. ZooKeys 508: 15-51.