Krantzolaspina angustatus comb. nov., adult female, Gnathosomal structures. Holotype (Left); Indutolaelaps jiroftensis syn. nov. (Middle), photos by Raphael Castilho; New material from Indonesia (Right). A–C Subcapitulum D–F Epistome G–I Chelicera J–L Palp trochanter with a ventral spine-like process.

  Part of: Quintero-Gutierrez EJ, Sandmann D, Cómbita-Heredia O, Klarner B, Widyastuti R, Scheu S (2020) Review of the mite genus Krantzolaspina Datta & Bhattacharjee (Mesostigmata, Parholaspididae) with re-description of K. angustatus comb. nov. (Ishikawa) from Indonesia. ZooKeys 997: 47-68.