Riotintobolus mangatsiaka sp. nov., male (FMMC 5413), SEM A left antennae B antennomere 5 C details of sensilla basiconica D antennomere 6 E detail of unknown sensilla/pore opening F gnathochilarium underside G gnathochilarium, detail of right central pad. Abbreviations: cP = central pads; d = disc; iP = inner palpus; LP = lateral palpus; s = unknown sensillum; sb = sensilla basiconica; numbers refer to antennomere number. Scale bars as indicated.

  Part of: Wesener T (2020) Ecotone shifts in southern Madagascar: first barcoding data and six new species of the endemic millipede genus Riotintobolus (Spirobolida, Pachybolidae). ZooKeys 953: 1-29.