Riotintobolus makayi sp. nov., male holotype (ZFMK MYR939) A multi-layer photograph, anterior body, lateral view B multi-layer photograph, leg pairs 1–7, ventral view C multi-layer photograph, posterior body end with telson D anterior gonopod, anterior view E anterior gonopod, posterior view F right posterior gonopod, anterior view G right posterior gonopod, posterior view. Abbreviations: Apo = apodeme; av = paraprocts; Co = collum (ring 1); Cx = coxite; Gn = gnathochilarium; Md = basal joints of mandible; Pre = epiproct; St = sternite; T = telopodite; x = lateral swollen process; y = opening of efferenct duct; z = apical membranous ‘flag’; numbers refer to leg pair or segment number. Scale bars: 1 mm.

  Part of: Wesener T (2020) Ecotone shifts in southern Madagascar: first barcoding data and six new species of the endemic millipede genus Riotintobolus (Spirobolida, Pachybolidae). ZooKeys 953: 1-29.