Natural history of P. furcata sp. nov. A type locality in Characato valley, Arequipa, southern Peru (setae point to Baccharis host-plants) B B. alnifolia plant, under close view C egg containing developing embryo D early mine with attached egg shell remains (pointed by arrow head) E sap-feeding larva, dorsal F spinning larva, dorsal view G leaf with a single P. furcata mine on adaxial surface (numbers indicate position of histological sections presented in Fig. 8; open and closed arrows indicated respectively the beginning and ending of the mine) H pupal cocoon, latero-dorsal I pupa, dorsal J pupal exuvium protruded from cocoon after adult emergence (close arrows points to pupal exuvium). Scale bars: 0.25 mm (C), 0.5 mm (D), 2 mm (E, F), 20 mm (G), 2.5 mm (H–J).

  Part of: Cerdeña J, Farfán J, Vargas HA, Brito R, Gonçalves GL, Lazo A, Moreira GRP (2020) Phyllocnistis furcata sp. nov.: a new species of leaf-miner associated with Baccharis (Asteraceae) from Southern Peru (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae). ZooKeys 996: 121-145.