Scanning electron micrographs of P. furcata sp. nov. pupa A–C head under dorsal, ventral, and lateral views D cocoon-cutter, ventral E setae on clypeus, ventral (indicated by square in B) F lateral seta on abdominal segment A2, dorsal G detail of abdominal segment A3, dorsal H lateral seta with clavate apex, adjacent to spiracle (indicated by arrow) and close to small spine on abdominal segment A6, dorsal I detail of lateral seta distal portion, with dentate apex from abdominal segment A2, (indicated by square in F) J abdominal spiracle, lateral K, L last abdominal segments, dorsal and ventral, respectively. Scale bars: 200 µm (A–C, G), 50 µm (D), 40 µm (E), 100 µm (F, H, K, L), 10 µm (I, J).

  Part of: Cerdeña J, Farfán J, Vargas HA, Brito R, Gonçalves GL, Lazo A, Moreira GRP (2020) Phyllocnistis furcata sp. nov.: a new species of leaf-miner associated with Baccharis (Asteraceae) from Southern Peru (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae). ZooKeys 996: 121-145.