Phyllocnistis furcata sp. nov. adult morphology A, B holotype of P. furcata, male, with head in detail, dorsal view (MUSM) C, D paratype of P. furcata, female, with head in detail, dorsal (MUSA_ENT 015143) E detail of right forewing with terminologies adopted, lf: longitudinal fascia; tf (1–4) transverse fascia(e) F lateral view of a male head with labial palpus (indicated by closed arrow head) and antenna (indicated by open arrow head). Scale bars: 2 mm (A, C), 1 mm (E), 0.4 mm (F).

  Part of: Cerdeña J, Farfán J, Vargas HA, Brito R, Gonçalves GL, Lazo A, Moreira GRP (2020) Phyllocnistis furcata sp. nov.: a new species of leaf-miner associated with Baccharis (Asteraceae) from Southern Peru (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae). ZooKeys 996: 121-145.