Aspilanta species, larval morphology, final feeding instar (4th) and non-feeding instar (5th, 36). 34 A. ampelopsifoliella, ventral aspect, ethanol preserved larva, RMNH.INS.18672P 35 A. viticordifoliella, ventral aspect, ethanol preserved larva, RMNH.INS.18509P 36 A. argentifera, head capsule, RMNH.INS.18566P 37–39 A. ampelopsifoliella, head and thorax, resp. focussed at mid levels (head only), dorsally and ventrally, RMNH.INS.18672P 40 A. oinophylla, head and thorax, RMNH.INS.18394P 41 A. ampelopsifoliella, last 3 abdominal segments, dorsal aspect, RMNH.INS.18672P 42 A. oinophylla, last 3 abdominal segments, ventral aspect, RMNH.INS. 18394P. Scale bars: 1 mm (34, 35), 100 μm (36, 37, 41, 42), 200 μm (38–40).

  Part of: van Nieukerken EJ, Eiseman CS (2020) Splitting the leafmining shield-bearer moth genus Antispila Hübner (Lepidoptera, Heliozelidae): North American species with reduced venation placed in Aspilanta new genus, with a review of heliozelid morphology. ZooKeys 957: 105-161.