Aspilanta species, mounted adult moths. 1 A. oinophylla, male, USA, VT, RMNH.INS.24378 2 A. hydrangaeella, female, USA, NC, RMNH.INS.25191 3 A. ampelopsifoliella, male, USA, CT, RMNH.INS.24377 4 A argentifera, female, USA, MA, RMNH.INS.25019 5 A. voraginella, male, USA, AZ, RMNH.INS.23918 6 A. argentifera, female holotype 7 Undescribed species in unnamed genus14 (“Neospila”), male, Chile, Osorno, 20 km W of Entre Lagos, 17.x.1981, leg. Nielsen & Karsholt, genitalia slide EJvN 4632, ZMUC 8 A. viticordifoliella, female, Canada, Ottawa, from Parthenocissus, CNCLEP00122404. Scale bars: 1mm.

  Part of: van Nieukerken EJ, Eiseman CS (2020) Splitting the leafmining shield-bearer moth genus Antispila Hübner (Lepidoptera, Heliozelidae): North American species with reduced venation placed in Aspilanta new genus, with a review of heliozelid morphology. ZooKeys 957: 105-161.