Phorocardius flavistriolatus Ruan & Douglas, sp. nov. A habitus of holotype, male, dorsal view, arrow indicating claw B habitus of holotype, male, ventral view C female habitus, dorsal view (paratype; Sichuan, Bao-xing County, Feng-tong-zai National Nature Reserve) D ovipositor, dorsal view (paratype) E female abdominal sternite VIII, dorsal view (paratype) F aedeagus of holotype, ventral view G–N ventral or lateral view of aedeagi of paratype specimens from different localities, indicating variations in shape [collecting information as follows G, H Sichuan Prov., Shi-mian, Li-zi-ping National Nature Reserve, Zi-ma reserve station, VII-27-2016 I Sichuan, Lu-ding County, Xin-xing township, 2000 m, 2009.VII.2–7 J, K Sichuan Prov., Lu-ding County, Mo-xi township, 1500 m–1600 m,1983.VI.17–19 L Shaanxi Prov., Fo-ping County, alt. 843 m, 2007.VIII.16 M, N Shaanxi Prov., Ning-shan County, Shi-ba-zhang-pu-bu Scenic Spot, 15.VIII.2013], arrow indicating apex of paramere O apical part of aedeagus of holotype, ventral view P apex of aedeagus of paratype, lateral view Q distal (upper side) and proximal sclerites of bursa copulatrix (paratype).

  Part of: Ruan Y, Douglas HB, Qiu L, Chen X, Jiang S (2020) Revision of Chinese Phorocardius species (Coleoptera, Elateridae, Cardiophorinae). ZooKeys 993: 47-120.