Lateral view of prosternal process and mesosternum of Chinese Phorocardius species. Upper green arrows indicating shape of posterior end of prosternal process; lower red arrows indicating projections (absent or present) on posterior edge of mesosternum (i.e., on anteroventral angle of mesosternal fossa according to Douglas 2003). A P. alterlineatus Ruan & Douglas, sp. nov. B P. flavistriolatus Ruan & Douglas, sp. nov. C P. florentini. D P. magnus. E P. manuleatus. F P. minutus Ruan & Douglas, sp. nov. G P. rufiposterus Ruan & Douglas, sp. nov. H P. unguicularis. I P. yunnanensis Ruan & Douglas, sp. nov. J P. zhiweii Ruan, Douglas & Qiu, sp. nov.

  Part of: Ruan Y, Douglas HB, Qiu L, Chen X, Jiang S (2020) Revision of Chinese Phorocardius species (Coleoptera, Elateridae, Cardiophorinae). ZooKeys 993: 47-120.