Phorocardius alterlineatus Ruan & Douglas, sp. nov. A male habitus, paratype (Shaanxi, Zha-shui County, Niu-bei-liang), dorsal view B female habitus, paratype (Shaanxi, Shan-luo, Zha-shui County, Ying-pan township), dorsal view C female habitus, paratype (same individual as in inset B), ventral view D female abdominal sternite VIII E ovipositor, dorsal view (paratype), arrow indicating coxites F distal (upper side) and proximal sclerites of bursa copulatrix (the two proximal sclerites are viewed from different angles, resulting in different shapes shown above) G aedeagus, dorsal view (paratype, dry), arrow indicating apex of paramere H aedeagus, lateral view (paratype, dry), arrow indicating apex of paramere. I aedeagus (mounted in glycerin), dorsal view (paratype).

  Part of: Ruan Y, Douglas HB, Qiu L, Chen X, Jiang S (2020) Revision of Chinese Phorocardius species (Coleoptera, Elateridae, Cardiophorinae). ZooKeys 993: 47-120.