Macrogena abbreviata sp. n., dissected adult, microscope images: 35 medio-basal part of prodorsum and medio-anterior part of notogaster 36 rostral seta and medio-anterior part of tutorium 37 genal tooth and rostral incision 38 microporose in medial part of notogaster 39 notogastral porose area Aa, seta h3, lyrifissure im and opisthonotal gland opening 40 chelicera 41 custodium and discidium 42 anal seta an2, adanal seta ad3 and lyrifissure iad43 leg I (except anterior part of tarsus), right, paraxial view 44 ventral tooth on leg II (right, antiaxial view). Scale bar 20 ┬Ám.

  Part of: Ermilov SG, Minor MA (2015) The oribatid mite genus Macrogena (Acari, Oribatida, Ceratozetidae), with description of two new species from New Zealand. ZooKeys 506: 13-26.